Wind Farms
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Wind Farms

Mechanical Component Foundations

Dynamite Concrete has a strong reputation for excellence throughout Australia’s regional locations in the construction of concrete bases for wind turbines. Our expertise has taken us to Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and recently Victoria.

Our experience within this area includes

  • Preparation and placement of blinding concrete
  • Preparation and pouring of base foundations.
  • Building and installation of Wind Turbine Bolts
  • Installation of HV conduits as per design drawings
  • Placement of reinforcement
  • Detailed cleaning of foundations prior to pouring and grouting.
  • Preparation of sub-base prior to blinding concrete.
  • Supply of crane operators.
  • Supply of all Rigging for Reinforcement, Bolt Builds/Install, Top and Bottom Formwork.
  • Supply of Top prefabricated formwork.
  • Crack sealing to foundation.




Our Wind Farms Projects