Our Company
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Our Company

Dynamite Concrete has been delivering premium concrete services throughout Western Australia since 2011 and in 2018 moved to Queensland and West Africa, then New South Wales in 2019 and Victoria in 2020.

As a leader in the concrete construction industry, we continue to grow our operations, upgrade and expand facilities and equipment as well as our geographic footprint to better serve our clients. Dynamite Concrete has been an integral partner on many architecturally distinguished projects, and we commit to bringing that same standard of excellence to each project we undertake.


Dynamite Concrete understands that each project requires the very best start and we work hard to lay the groundwork for a solid foundation. We are a team of dedicated professionals with a broad scope of experience and work closely with Contractors, Developers, Owners, Designers and Engineers on various concrete methodologies to develop the best standards and practices found in the industry today.

We have built our reputation with superior concrete formwork, reinforcing and other ancillary services that benefit from our vast experience. Our team consists of the best people in the industry, providing dependable, quality service with an emphasis on staying within budget and meeting project goals.

Dynamite Concrete’s mission is to be the best supplier of concrete services in the Industry and to bring expertise, experience and quality to each project.

Our Values

  • $Integrity/ Monthly
  • The foundation of our business
    1. Uncompromising honesty.
    2. Be respectful in all dealings.
    3. Lead by example.
    4. Learn from our competitors.
    5. Be credible: do what we say.

  • $Innovation/ Monthly
  • The way we think
    1. Relentlessly pursue excellence.
    2. Challenge the status quo.
    3. Be passionate in our convictions.
    4. Foster creativity and optimism.
    5. Take informed risks.

  • $Collaboration/ Monthly
  • How we work
    1. Live the company vision.
    2. Embrace change.
    3. Create long term partnerships.
    4. Invest in each other.
    5. Be tenacious.

  • $Execution/ Monthly
  • The solutions we create
    1. Deliver exceptional value.
    2. Aim to exceed expectations.
    3. Velocity: combine speed and direction.
    4. Focus on the schedule.
    5. Health and safety first.